Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the cost to apply for Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program?

It's 100% free to apply.
Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program NOT charge students to participate into this program.

Examination and test of 1st Selection, 2nd Selection and 3rd Selection are free of charge, but the expenses such as travel, lodging and others, if any related to the selection procedure shall be borne by the applicants.

02. Can student from Vocational school (SMK) or SMA Bahasa apply for Mitsui Bussan Scholarship

Unfortunately No, Mitsui Bussan Scholarship only applicable for students graduates from SMA/MAN (Senior High School) of IPA or IPS course.

03. Can High school student graduated from abroad school apply for Mitsui Bussan Scholarship?

No, our scholarship can only be applied by student with Indonesian school curriculum.

04. Can student graduated from IPA courses, pursue IPS field of study at the University if they receive the scholarship?

Yes, but they must still following the paper test with IPA curriculum.

Please note that Students graduated from IPS courses cannot apply for IPA field of study.

05. Can scholarship grantee change their applied field of study?

Yes, with approval of scholarship committee and before taking the University entrance exam at Japan.

06. Does scholarship grantee still have to study & attend for applied University entrance exam at Japan?

Yes, entrance to and graduation from university in Japan could only be achieved by the efforts and endeavor of the grantee himself/herself and the Program is not in a position to guarantee such entrance and graduation, although the utmost support and assistance would be given.

07. Does Mitsui Bussan Scholarship have any bond and/or working contract related with specific company?

No, Mitsui Bussan Scholarship is purely a CSR program without bond and/or working contract with any company.

08. Does scholarship grantee have to follow all of program arrangement, either at Jakarta / Japan? (eg; Japanese language training, culture study, etc.)

Yes, it is mandatory for scholarship grantee to follow every program arrangement designated by scholarship committee.

09. Can students who already passed all selection process, withdraw their scholarship application?

Yes, he/she may withdraw the application after the final announcement and before signing of agreement letter

10. What is the content of Recommendation letter issued by the principal of the SMA?

We do not provide DRAFT/Template for the Recommendation letter; initially the letter should be written by Principal of the SMA in English, to explain the student school achievement and his/her recommendation to apply for scholarship.

11. Can grantees apply for “Art” for their College major ?

No they cannot. (Please refer to the Prospectus, section 3. Fields of Study)

12. Which score should be inputted for Mathematic & English ? (WAJIB / PEMINATAN)

Student should input scores from Mathematic WAJIB & English WAJIB respectively
(theoretical score only)

13. What is the curriculum / material for the Written Examination ?

Written Examination for both IPA/IPS will be in accordance with Indonesian High school Curriculum respectively.