Aptitude Test & Health Check Announcement

Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program
For Indonesia 2019
Aptitude Test & Health Check

Here are the list of applicants whom successfully passed Written Examination of Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program for Indonesia 2019.

These applicants are invited to attend Health Check & Aptitude Test on 2-3 May 2019.

Detailed arrangement will be sent to respective E-Mail address.

Shortlisted applicants must submit following documents during this selection phase:

  • Attested copy of SMA diploma together with attested copy of Nilai Ujian Akhir Nasional (1 Copy, Each)
  • Certified SMA school records of 2nd semester of the 3rd school year. (1 Copy)
  • Copy of identification card (KTP), or Student Card (Kartu Pelajar) is acceptable if the applicants do not have KTP (1 Copy)
  • Letter of Agreement signed by parents or guardians in English; letter template will be informed by Committee (1 Copy)
  • Certificate of TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, JLPT or any other certificate issued by an internationally well-known language institution, if any (1 Copy, Each)
  • Certificate of award or commendation issued by an internationally well-known organization, if any (1 Copy, Each)