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Welcome to Mitsui-Bussan Scholarship Program for Indonesia

The MITSUI-BUSSAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM FOR INDONESIA(hereinafter referred to as "the program") was established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1992 as a non-profit foundation under the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (formerly called the. Ministry of Education) Japan based on a fund prepared by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The program aims to encourage Indonesian students who wish to study at Universities in Japan and obtain a bachelor's degree thereby.

The objective of the Program is to support and assist the students so that :
    Firstly, the students can learn about and become intimate with Japanese culture and customs.
    Secondly, the students can develop an international sensibility through daily life in Japan.
    Consequently, the students can make their best efforts in their respective fields so as to contribute to
    the development of Indonesia after finishing ther studies in Japan, calling upon ther experience of
    living and studying in Japan.

Therefore, the grantees who have completed their studies in Japan under the Program will be requested to make the utmost effort to materialize the Programs's objectives; however, the grantees will be entirely free from any other obligation and duties. for more information about the Scholarship, click here


11 April 2016

Written Test 2016

Dear selected applicant,

The Secretariat office already sent written test invitation only to selected applicants by email at the end of March 2016.

The schedule is as follows.

Date : 24 April 2016
Time : 08.30-12.00 WIB (West Part of Indonesian

11 April 2016

Important Notice

Dear all applicants,

We received information that some applicants are asked to pay some "fee" to participate in our selection.

Please be informed that Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program for Indonesia do not charge any fees to participate selection.


04 March 2016

Online registration

Dear all, Online registration of Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program for Indonesia 2016 has
been closed. Thank you for your participation. After document screening, the secretariat will
send invitation for written test 24 April, only to selected candidates by the end of March

Registration Manual

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